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Pneuflex is manufacturing pneumatic push in fittings, push to connect fittings, composite & brass push-in fittings, plastic & sintered silencers, brass fittings, flow control valves, quick coupling, pneumatic tubing and plastic tubing in China.
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Pneuflex has distributors and customers in more than 30 countries and regions. To help customers to get Pneuflex's information easily, we established some websites in different locations. (English, in US) (English, in US)
China Pneuflex Fittings - Push in Fittings, Push to Connect Fittings, Push in Air Fittings, Push in Fitting, Pneumatic Push in Fittings, NPT Push in Fittings, Instant Fittings, Brass Push in Fittings with O-ring, Compact One Touch Fittings, Stainless Steel Push in Fittings, Speed Controllers, Flow Controls, Sintered Mufflers, PU Tubing, Nylon Tubing, Quick Couplers, Hand Valves, Check Valves, Mini Pneumatic Ball Valves, G Thread One Touch Fittings, Miniature Push in Fittings and One Touch Fittings with O-ring in China. (English, in US) (English, in US) (Spanish, in US)
Pneuflex es el mayor fabricante de conexiones neumáticas, racores instantaneous, accesorios neumáticos, racores instantáneos de plastic, mangueras plásticas, mangueras de poliuretano, racores y accesorios, manguera neumatica, conectores rápidos, silenciadores, Racores instantáneos de latón niquelado y manguera neumática de poliuretano en China. (English, in Netherlands)
Pneumatic Push in Fittings, Pneumatic Tubing, Flow Controls (English, in UK)
Pneumatic Fittings, Push in Fittings, Push to Connect Fittings