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Pneuflex Japanese quick couplers allow easy changing of tools or hose connection and disconnection from your facility’s air supply line without shutting down or depressurizing the whole system. Sockets and plugs for can be connected with each other regardless of end configurations. With our quick couplers, multiple tools can work off the same air line, and individual tools can be interchanged without disrupting air flow to the others on the line. They also prevent the free flow of air during tool change, to keep your system running at peak capacity. Also known as industrial interchange couplers, Pneuflex quick couplers are available in a variety of sizes, and feature steel construction in sizes 1/8” through 1/2”.

Pneuflex pneumatic quick couplers are a quick, easy way to boost the efficiency of your compressed air system.

Pneuflex pneumatic couplers are compatible with other manufacturers’ plugs and sockets, making it easy to add them to your current system without a complete overhaul.