Pneumatic Tubing | Pneumatic Hose

Pneuflex manufactures thermoplastic tubing and hose are used pneumatic control components among various industry branches. We have ester and ether based PU (polyurethane) tubing, ester and ether based PU (polyurethane) coiled tubing, spiral tube, nylon (polyamide) tubing, braided PU (polyurethane) tubing, PE (Polyethylene) tubing and PTFE (teflon) tubing for different application requirements. Available in neutral, black,blue, yellow, green, and red color, this range of flexible tubing and hose is known for high tensile strength and ability to withstand extreme pressure and temperature.

Pneumatic tubing and hose must be used under the rated working pressure and temperature, if you want to keep this PU tube in a long term service life. As temperature rise, working pressure shall be reduced correspondingly, if go beyond the limiting, the tube can rupture. Accommodate metric tubing O.D ranging from 4 mm to 16 mm, inch tubing O.D ranging from 1/8" to 1/2".