PT, R, BSPT Thread Brass Push to Connect Fittings

Brass push to connect fittings, also called brass push in fittings, brass quick connect fittings, brass push fittings, or brass quick couplers, are made of nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures and low magnetic permeability for alternative to plastic ones. Brass push to connect fittings are an excellent alternative to those made of plastic materials. To connect, simply push the tube into fitting until it bottoms out, the stainless collet grips onto it and prevents it from being released; to disconnect, push onto the outer metal ring, called release sleeve.

Brass push to connect fittings are available in few common types, straight, elbow, tee, reducer, union, bulkhead, plug, etc. Nickel plated brass push to connect fittings are recommended for compressed air, pneumatic, instrumentation, circuit, lubricant and cooling lines. Brass push to connect fittings are solution for pneumatic applications and other fluids in aggressive environment.