SPIM | Brass Pipe Fittings Male Plug with Internal Hexagon and O-ring

Pneuflex SPIM nickle plated brass pipe fitting male plug with internal hexagon and O-ring are used to close and terminae the end of a pipes or fittings. This BSPP thread internal hexagon male plug is made of nickel plated brass for durability and corrosion resistance. Male BSPP thread for use with female threaded pipe, allows thread connection by using an Allen wrench for confined spaces. This brass hexagon socket pipe plug with o-ring is great for blocking off intake manifold water ports, water pump ports, water temp and oil sender holes, engine block holes, etc. 

Internal Hexagon Male Plug Brass Pipe Fittings

Thread Size: G, BSPP 1/8 to 1/2
Fluid Admitted: Water, Refrigeration, Instrumentation, Hydraulic Systems, Grease, Fuels, LP, Natural Gas
Body Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Thread Material: Nickle Plated Brass
Thread Sealing: O-ring
Seal, O-ring: NBR
Max Working Pressure: 8 MPa | 1200 PSI
Working Temperature: -20~80°C | -4~176°F

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